Day 32: KOA to Hiker Heaven


Monday May 12th, 2014
Miles today 10ish
Miles total 454

Everyone was up early, we hustled out of the campground before 7 am. We were on a mission to hit Hiker Heaven as soon as possible. We went up a bit but then the trail was a lovely down. Both Arctic and I took off on our way down, we actually ran. The trail was so great, it was hard not to.

Then we hit Vasquez rocks. They were beautiful. We joined Amtrak and Penguin.





As we reached the trailhead a man with a camera appeared. It was Penguin’s uncle, who surprised her. It was awesome to see a family reunite in such a fun way.

We then walked down to town and eventually made it to the Saufley’s. It was pretty full of folks as we walked in. But we got showered and got on the ride board for REI. We hit Walmart for n the way too. It was great. I had a $20 coupon that had to be used so I purchased new shoes. Mine are still going strong, but I plan to send my new shoes to Kennedy Meadows.


I also ran into my old friend Hobbes. It’s always good to see old friends. Especially this guy, although he left early it made my day to see him.

Tonight after my first adventure of “in and out burgers” there was a lot of crazy background knowledge I didn’t know for my order, but my friends helped me out. Now I sort of know what animal fries are, but I am pretty stoked on their yummy burgers.

Now under these beautiful stars it is time for bed. Another zero tomorrow. Woo woo;)


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