Day 31: Road to KOA Campsite

May 11, 2014
20 miles
444 miles total

It was windy last night. So windy I feel as though the trail gave me and my bag a free sandblasting. It was also quite blustery, so after a quick breakfast in my sleeping bag I was off.. In lots of layers.

The trail started off well maintained but as we went on we discovered why others took the road walk. There was a TON of poodle dog bush. It was unavoidable in certain areas. There were also many huge blow downs. Trees so big that you had to stand in awe before deciding how to get around it with out falling to your doom. (Maybe that was just me as I am not the most graceful person.)

It was also really, really windy. A few points I had to just stand still or be blown over. However the views were pretty cool.


We took the last opportunity to road walk, in doing so we missed a bunch of Poison Oak. If I would do it again, I think I would probably take the road walk to avoid the craziness of the PDB.

We made it to our lunch spot at the ranger station. It was still really windy so we ate quick and moved on. I passed a snake, but luckily I was close enough for just a picture. Still not rattlers (knock on wood.)

From there we pushed on, the trail rolled up and down. I decided at the last part to take a dirt road to the highway rather than going up only to go down. At the bottom I ran into Coppertone and a whole bunch of hikers. Once again he offered us AMAZING root beer floats.

After the snack we hiked our last two tenths of a mile to the KOA. His place was amazing. For $10 they hooked us up with hit showers, towels, a pool and jacuzzi.. As well as wonderful lawn space to chill. We gorged ourselves on gross microwaveable food an went for a swim.

Arctic and I made friends with some kids in the Jacuzzi that I met on my way into the campground. They showed us their bubble beards and asked some great questions. I forgot how awesome it is to have a kid really think you are 15. That made me feel good he he. We all took turns showing off our cannon balls, it was great after a long day.

After some more relaxation by the fire we called it a day.


Life is good.


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