Day 30: Camp Gleason to Roadside Camp

May 10, 2014
24 miles today
425.9 miles total

Well.. I am currently snuggled up in my sleeping bag, cowboy camped on the side of a road. I was misinformed about a campsite. However we made it somewhere. So there is that. But yes I got us lost, in a horrible night hike full of poodle dog bush, bad soft trail, and lots of over growth.

Today started out great, it was lovely to wake up to the birds. I ate breakfast in my sleeping bag and all was well. Even the climbs today were mostly PCT grade and I didn’t have to think “there is no way a horse could climb up this.” And it was beautiful.

We got our second taste of the dreaded poodle dog bush, a plant that makes skin very unhappy if it comes in contact with it. I wore long pants and a long sleeve shirt but I am fairly certain it got me. PDB usually follows fire, and as the section today was a former wildfire site it also had some sketchy parts where it was loose sand to a big drop. I had a few good falls today too. Only minor injuries including a goose egg on my forehead after a botched fallen tree limbo game.


We made it to the firehouse around 5, we made dinner and decided to push on… And thus our epic night hike adventure. The best part? The amazing sunset that actually gave off a huge sunbeam, even after the sun went down.


Well another big day tomorrow… Good night.


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