Day 29: Lil’ Jimmy to Camp Glenwood

May 9, 2014
17 miles
Mile 401


I slept amazingly last night. Falling asleep below the pines was exactly what I needed. I got up later than I wanted too but I felt refreshed. After breakfast Arctic and I headed out. The view as we left the campsite was spectacular.

There was a lot of up again today. I can’t say it is the altitude, more that I am out of shape but man they kicked my butt. I did however use the lack of motivation as a sign that I should finish my Harry Potter audio book. I can honestly say it was a great way to climb a mountain.

We had second breakfast atop a wonderful view point. In case you were wondering Cookie Dough pop tarts are so so. Not the worst, but I’ve had better. The view was to die for.


From there we pushed on to the endangered frog detour. The official detour is 18 miles long to avoid a 5ish mile section, so we chose the old reroute that included some road walking on the highway. It was easy walking and brought us to Bucknell Campground. We found a picnic table and sat down for lunch.

A short time later a lovely couple walked by and asked us about our trip. When we told them they got really excited and offered us some treats. We got beer, cherries, chocolate, and jerky. It was great chatting with them and the magic made my day.


It’s easy to forget that people are kind and good. That total strangers are interested in what you are doing. But every time I am reminded I feel lucky. It’s important to remember the good in others. There is hope for us as a civilization. We look out for one another.
After our amazing l lunch we stocked up on water and hit the trail.


We hit another huge milestone today. 400 miles… In nearly a month and it feels good.


It’s hard to believe it has nearly been a month. Man, this fresh air living is good for the soul.


3 thoughts on “Day 29: Lil’ Jimmy to Camp Glenwood

  1. I dream of the day when I can spend 10 days on the trail, maybe after that a month. Just think you get to spend another 4-5 months living this life. Woohoo!

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