Day 28: Wrightwood to Little Jimmy Campsite

May 8th, 2014
15 miles
388 total miles

After a very low key morning, I finally found some motivation. After packing up my stuff it was time for one last breakfast at the Evergreen Cafe. My breakfast burrito and chocolate milkshake were the last bit of energy needed.

Arctic and I hitched out of town, it was really quick and we were picked up by a great local. He drove us back to the trailhead and even picked up a few hikers to bring back to town.

The first few miles were really nice. Rolling ups with great views below. However we eventually went back down to the road. After a quick motivational snack break it was time to start the crazy up that is Baden Powell Mountain. Even with all the crazy switch backs it was still one heck of s climb. We had joked that if this were the White Mountains of New Hampshire the trail would just go straight up and be done. But alas the switchbacks of the PCT are there for you.




Finally we reached the summit, all 9,390′ of it. The views were beautiful. The temp dropped as the sun went away, but the break was good. The mountain was named for the man who founded the boy scouts. It was a wonderful place. After a few snacks we pushed on. The trail was full of amazing views all throughout the day.



We reached the spring and rejoiced in the fact that the water was clean and plentiful. After grabbing what we needed we headed off for the last three tenths of a mile.

With camp set up, it is time for some rest. I seem to have acquired an angry pinky toe. Rest will do wonders. Another amazing day on the trail.


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