Day 26: Gobbler’s Knob to Wrightwood

May 6, 2014
10ish miles
Mile 369

It was hard to get motivated this morning. Even harder to get out of my tent. The worst part is always the swish that comes as you let the air out of your sleeping pad. But eventually all good things must lead to others… After a slow start and getting passes by everyone we passed last night during our night hike we too were off and running.


There were lovely low clouds all morning long. The peaks and valleys shown bright as I hiked along. As I ascended higher and higher the clouds started to come in and the temperature dropped.


The trees were full of rime ice a few times I thought I saw a flurry or two. It was the best kind of hiking weather. The sort where breaks had to be short and it was nice to climb. And climb we did. I passed Emu and Muzzy, but Emu stayed on my heels as we ran down on the amazing trail.


We ended up at the highway around 1, since it was cold I decided to hitch in with the girls. As we arrived 3 cars drove by. But we didn’t see another for a good half an hour. As soon as Arctic and Tent Stake showed up we were blessed with not one, but two rides into town.


We got ourselves a room in Wrightwood at the Pines Motel. The place was great and the staff more than accommodating. After a lovely shower we all set off in search of food. Rafiki, Tent Stake, Arctic, Roi, Sarah, and I all found a great place. I had a huge salad and main course. Life is good. Ready for a relaxing night. As an added bonus Harry Potter Is on TV tonight… The same one that I have been listening too. Yahoo.



3 thoughts on “Day 26: Gobbler’s Knob to Wrightwood

  1. Having a great time following you! Such a great escape while sitting here in the city! Have a fantastic day!

  2. Thanks for taking us along on your journey. I look forward to following your progress. I grew up near Wrightwood and always enjoyed spending time there. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

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