Day 25: Mile 333 to Gobblers Knob

May 5, 2014
23 miles

We woke up to the sunrise and were off on the McDonalds mission Possible.
Arctic left first and I chased after him. The views along the way were beautiful. I really enjoyed the sweeping views of the upcoming mountains.


A short 8 miles later…


Luckily I made it a good hour before breakfast was stopped for lunch. I started my feast with two breakfast sandwiches and then waited for the board to switch to lunch. Although I know how gross and horrible it sounds McDonalds had been on my mind for days. I had weighed myself in Big Bear and had already lost 15 lbs. So all in all.. I say hooray for calories.


After the lunch board switched I ordered a McFlurry some fries and two double cheeseburgers for trail dinner.



After 4 hours of relaxing it was time to hit the trail. I felt awful, but had to hike. So we set off on our climb. It was cool to go in the tunnels as well at watch the trains come in and out of the pass.

Eventually we saw a crazy backup on the interstate below. This may be the one and only time I can say I hiked faster than a car on the interstate.

Arctic and I decided to night hike with our full bellies.


We pushed on late into the night. We had fun leaving our headlamps on as long as possible. Luckily we started using them right before a sketchy spot. Where we could have fallen a good long way down. After that and trying to avoid lots of poodle dog bush (a poison oak type bad skin reaction.) We called it a day pretty late. Hopefully we don’t get blown off the mountain tonight.


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