Day 24: 317 to 333

May 4, 2014
16 miles
Mile 333.75

Today was kind of lazy, I wasn’t in much of a rush. I got the latest start yet, on trail after 8. But it was nice to take it slow. I set out with a goal to reach 10 miles before lunch. The trail meandered along a few higher areas then dropped down behind a spillway. Yesterday there was a spillway too, but this one actually held back water. The trail then skirted along the reservoir below.
  At one point I thought something seemed off and my GPS told me I was no longer on the trail. I backtracked but was unable to find my mistake. Eventually I just kind of ended up where I needed to be.

Finally I reached the picnic area. I grabbed some water and waited under a big shady tree. It was a lovely spot for a siesta. I miss grass sometimes. I spent a solid 3 hours out of the midday sun then Arctic and I headed off again.

After a bushwhack adventure back to the trail (I missed a sign) we hit a good pace. Eventually we picked an off trail campsite. Tomorrow McDonald’s! Woo woo.


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