Day 23: 299 to 317 Spring Site

May 5, 2014
18 miles
317 miles total

Today was just a perfect day. Imagine Lou Reed singing your soundtrack all day. Well that is basically how it went. Woke up to birds singing and the sun rising up over the canyon. Got going on a wonderful day.


After one mile we hit a big milestone, 300 miles! It has been a good few weeks, and I feel like I really am adjusting to life on the trail again. Everyday brings about something special and new.


From there we made the trek to the deep creek hot springs. The guide books warned that weekends were usually crazy but I didn’t think it was that bad. After a hot hike the springs were a welcome sight.

The springs vary in temperature from Hot hot, to bath tub, to mostly cool. Since it was a hot day the creek was nice respite from the warm. We ended up staying and enjoying the crazy company and the lovely water for a good four hours. We even met a former thru hiker named Coppertone who offered us root beer floats at the trailhead. He put us to shame as he ran by us later in the day.

The root beer floats were amazing. As was the break before our final push of the day.


So much beauty and natural fun today.



I feel very lucky to live this amazing adventure. Now after another beautiful sunset, I am ready for a new day.


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