Day 19: Forest Flats to Arrasta Creek

April 29, 2014
19.79 miles
258.44 total miles

I slept amazing last night. I could hear the wind far off, by in my little nook it was calm. When I woke this morning it was chilly. Not cold, but I kept  a few layers on. I still seemed to have the funk going on. I tried to rehydrate but the first mile was slow. I decided to grab some more water, sit and make tea.

Roi and Sarah camped at the trailhead, so I chatted them up before they headed off. The tea seemed to be exactly what I needed. After I packed up I was off with a renewed purpose. The hiking was beautiful. The tall giants everywhere. I tried to count tree rings on a down tree. There were so many I had to give up. I just can’t get enough of their old souls.


I caught up with Roi and Sarah once more. They were planning a huge day into town. I was tempted, but the thought of marathon miles didn’t sit well. I decided to take it slow. I took a ton of breaks and just enjoyed the walk.


I only ran into one other hiking soul… But was almost run over by one crazy mountain biker while talking to him. Even if just for a short bit I was nice to chat with Lion king. His section hike is bearing its end. I wish him the best.

As for the mountain biker… I hate that they disobey the signs. Their tires eat up the trail and leave ruts. I know they just want to enjoy being outside as much as I do, but there are better places to ride. Due to the fact the biker had a German Shepard that was off leash too.. Neither Lion King or I said anything. Arg.

I was blessed not once but twice today with trail magic! The first a lovely soda from Papa Smurf and Mountain Momma and then a mile later a huge box full of goodies.


I snagged  banana (ooh fresh fruit) and a soda for the road. It was so wonderful to feel the love.

Now after an amazing dinner of rehydrated spaghetti and an orange soda this gal is ready for bed.

Town day tomorrow. I am hoping for a quick Nero in and out of town. (Nero is a single digit mile hiking day) Resupply, shower, laundry then back out. Those 3 days off messed with my hiker brain.

Happy trails!


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