Day 18: Whitewater Preserve to Forest Flats

April 28, 2014
20.1 miles
238.63 total miles

Today was what I would call a butt whooping. I slept wonderfully last night, got up about 5:30 and was on trail a bit before 6:30.

The morning calm was beautiful. I had the trail to myself for several hours before I stumbled upon First Class and Coach. It was nice to chat with them before moving on. I had had big plans of a 20, not sure why, but the drive to go was powerful.

It started to get hot just as I dropped into Mission Creek. It was just beautiful. Water in a desert landscape always brings joy. I stopped for a break midday. It was here that Sarah and Roi passed. I could feel my energy dropping but managed to push on. Even though the trail was relatively flat by the creek it meandered up and down.

Water and a decent campsite were the issue. I ran into a SOBo who told me of the epic climb ahead. I got water at the last spot and dragged myself on. He was right, it was still hot into the evening. It was a slog. I was tired and dehydrated when I finally called it quits. I had intended to do another mile but couldn’t. I have to remember it is not a race.

I was exhausted, but very happy to have a beautiful place to set up camp. My feet were excited to be done too. After pitching my tent I made dinner and filtered water. It is my first night camping alone on the trail. I have been expecting Arctic and Tent Stake to arrive, but as it is finally dark I doubt they will.

Today was rough, but I survived. Tomorrow will be better… 20 miles and an incline of 6,000′ brings me back to my AT days. Now sleep under a huge old beautiful pine. Life is good.




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