Day 13: Black Mountain to Ziggy and The Bear’s

April 23, 2014
20 miles!
Trail miles 210.8

Woke up around 5:30. I was worried it would be very cold, luckily Chad picked a campsite out of the wind and the morning was perfect.

Once on the trail we started the 15 mile down. Parts were a bit sketchy very sandy, with a large drop off. I only had one huge fall. Luckily it was closer to the mountain than the edge. Only a skinned elbow to show, but my pack landed on me, it must have been pretty comical.


The view was beautiful, and the trail winding. But we hit 200 miles!





From there we continued down to the desert floor. We reached water! Around noon, after a snack we set off for the final 5 miles in the hot sun. I used my umbrella to give extra shade, but it was still hot. The more desert I do, the earlier I will wake up. Eek, but 20 miles today. I feel good about that.

We reached Ziggy and The Bears around 3 or so. The shade, water and company was amazing. I got a shower and then we all headed to the casino. Yup, a short taxi ride full of semi dirty hikers for an amazing All you can eat buffet. It was wonderful. I had lots of salad, veggies, and as much turkey as I could handle. It was a wonderful choice. The company was also superb.



Life is good. 😉


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