Day 12: Idyllwild to Black Mountain Campsite

April 22, 2014
16 miles today
Trail mile 190

Holy wah, today was just perfect. Waking up in a comfy bed. Showering and drinking a hot chai with my fruity pebbles. Ahh so good. I can’t say enough good things about the Idyllwild Inn. They did our laundry, had a clean place to sleep, and brought us to the trailhead this morning. Great folks.

Chad and I reached the trailhead around 8:45 and started the amazing climb up The Devils Slide trail back to the PCT. The trail is closed for a section before due to last years massive fire. The trail was beautiful, I felt as though I was walking amongst giants. HUGE old pines were everywhere. So large I couldn’t even get my arms around them. I am just in awe everyday by something new. These trees are special.


The hike up was quick and I decided to take the PCT alternate around to San Jacinto Peak. It’s the second tallest in SoCal. It was so worth it. It was the first time I have ever hiked to an elevation above 6,500′. I had a huge grin all day. It was just so undescribable.







After the climb Roi was jamming on his uke. It was perfect. We all then hiked down back to the PCT, and are on our way to the floor of the desert. I am loving the downs. I was able to just cruise. Today was just so special.
A huge thanks to Sarah, Roi, Cheetah, Chad, Arctic, and all the other souls who made today my favorite day on trail yet.


Climb every mountain…. 🙂


One thought on “Day 12: Idyllwild to Black Mountain Campsite

  1. Thanks for getting the mountain elevation order correct. Mt. San Gorgonio is the tallest in SoCal at 11,502′. It’s just across I-10, hike a few miles, take a left, hike quite a few more miles while ascending a few thousand feet. Then you just need to cross a long section of trail covered completely in ice.
    Maybe next time? 😉

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