Day 11: Boulders to Idyllwild

April 21, 2014
7 miles today
Mile 151.90

Last night was a bit crazy. First a bunch of dogs started barking a little after 10. Then about 1 a few random locals showed up. They were a bit disruptive but didn’t bother me. They did have a little discussion with a fellow hiker.
But eventually they left.

After that I slept okay. I woke up and headed out a little after 7. He morning was cool and the hiking good. After a quick mile I stumbled upon some amazing trail magic. Sure it was before 8 but I downed a Dr. Thunder and got a sweet postcard. Thanks to the Peek family. Your kindness and magic was a wonderful addition to my day.

From there the trail rolled on up and down for the remaining 6 miles. It got hot early, but the allure of breakfast at the cafe motivated me. I arrived at the Paradise Cafe a little before 10. I had the most amazing omelette and chocolate milkshake.


It was great to have a lot of my trail buddies all in one place. Poor Idan had to wait a good hour before he could order his burger. But I think he was happy with the results.



Caty earned her trail name today… All because of a morning beer. Awesome.



After we all got our fill it was time to hitch north. The PCT has a fire detour, due to last years huge mountain fire. The safest way to get around… Hitch hiking.


Caty, Chad and myself attempted… And after one ride across the street… Oops we joined Cor. Mustard and Tent Stake in an epic quest for a ride.

Luckily Ms. Wendy picked us up and was able to cram all of us stinky hikers into her car. She was wonderful and we really appreciated her help.



We were able to get 9 miles closer to Idyllwild, thanks Wendy you are the best! After one more random hitch from a car I was 99% positive would never pick up hikers, we made it to town. The kindness of everyone around the trail warms my heart.

And with that I am once again showered, laundered, resupplied, and stuffed from good food. Back to the trail tomorrow but this short Nero into town has been great.


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