Day 9: Warner Springs to Mike’s Sanctuary

April 18, 2014
17 miles today
127 Miles total

Well after a huge breakfast I was back at the community center around 8:30. There a lot of familiar faces had shown up. Sippy, Poet, Wilderness Bob, and others were all in hanging out. After bouncing around catching up I was on the trail by 9:30.


The first part was great, lots of meadows and lovely old trees. I only got lost once. I wasn’t paying attention and missed a trail junction in a campground. I was only astray for 10 minutes before I realized my mistake. The hike from there was pleasant.


The clouds sheltered me from the sun, and I even got rained on for a bit. It felt wonderful. Perfect hiking conditions. I needed up having a late lunch at a spring. There I met Pink Panther. We decided to walk together. The scenery was beautiful, we slowed down a bit due to Pink’s aching heel.

We reached our planned destination around 5, but the lure of trail magic came from some south bounders. I wasn’t ready to call it a day. Pink didn’t find any spots that suited her so she came along on our 4 mile bonus adventure. I felt bad for pushing her, but we arrived at Mike’s Sanctuary. It was great just as we entered pizza was being served. I dropped my pack and chowed down some delicious pepperoni pizza. A moment later I was handed a beer. I was reunited with tent stake as well as Amtrack  and Idan. I found myself a cot and hit the hay early. It was a wonderful day.


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