Day 10: Mike’s to Boulder Campsite

April 20, 2014
17 miles today
144 Mikes Total

What a wonderful day. I rolled out of Mikes around 7:15. It was still cool but getting hotter. I chugged along the trail, there were a lot of flowers in bloom.


By 11, I had reached the spring, it was getting to hot to hike so I decided to pull up some shade and wait out the heat. All sorts of folks came down as well. The biggest surprise was Caty! It was awesome to see her roll down the hill, her feet were on the mend. After a bunch of folks were there I handed out the peeps I found in a hiker box. It was nice to share in the Peepster festivities and I think everyone enjoyed their sugary goodness.

I set off for my last 7 miles around 3, although I should have waited a bit longer as it was still really hot. I loved the views but was getting warm. I took a bunch of breaks to get motivated. I made it to a surprise cache about a mile from my destination. I chugged a bunch of water as I was dehydrated and took enough water to get me through the night.

When I arrived at the rocks I was greeted by many a good souls. Tent Stake, Amtrack, Idan, Catliente, Cor. Mustard, and eventually Chad were all there. It was lovely to kick back and enjoy dinner and the sunset with wonderful people.




Chasing Sunbeams

Goodnight from our perch above the rocks.


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