Day 7: Fourth Gate to Warner Springs, CA

16 miles
109.5 miles total

Wow what a great day. I woke up to the boys getting ready. The wind last night was pretty crazy. So I decided to wait until 5:30 to start moving. I took my time and got on the trail a little before 6:30. The terrain was fairly easy and I kept spying new flowers along the way. I ran into Cheerleader and Mike. The 6 miles to Barrel Springs went quick. I was really excited to stumble upon the 100 mile marker! Wow, I can’t believe I have hit 100 already. It has been amazing.


I ate second breakfast below an old oak tree. This part of the trail reminded me of the AT. The smells of spring flowers and he looks of the big old oaks.

Next was Eagle rock, the trail meanders through several big meadows. The grasses were waving in the wind. It was really beautiful. The rock was just as cool as all the pictures I have seen. There was a chunky lizard on it, but sadly he didn’t want his photo taken.



The final push to Warner Springs was nice. The trail dipped into another old oak forest with running water. It was lovely to hike in the shade. Just before town Mike caught up with me. He showed me a big old diamond back rattler. It was okay to see under a bridge but if I were to see one on the trail I might cry. Snakes are so crazy cool. How can something move so fast with no legs?

Finally made it to the Warner Springs Community Center. Everyone was so nice there. I ate a huge double cheeseburger and had a soda for only $7. It was a steal and all the folks there are so nice. I even got a ride to the post office from a lovely old lady. It was nice to meet all the kind folks there.  Thank You!

Now I am just chilling at Warner Spring Monty’s. Clean, laundered, and life is good.


Check out Emmits updates! Tons of new photos:)


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