Day 6: Scissors Crossing to Fourth Gate Campsite

16 miles
94.0 miles total

I didn’t sleep so well last night, in the haste of getting situated last night I set my tent up opposite the wind. So it was really loud. Also I was really worried about the climb out of scissors crossing and having enough water. I ended up waking up at 4, and was hiking by 4:45.

It was beautiful watching the sun rise and the moon set. How the sun would creep into corners of the mountain. Hiking early is my new favorite thing. Not sure why I had worried it went great.

I pushed pretty hard to reach 3rd Gate water cache (14 miles in) by noon. I got my two liters and found some shade. It was wonderful to be tucked away. I ate lunch and napped pretty hard for two hours, only to wake up to my shade disappearing. So I scouted for a new spot and continued my siesta until 4pm.



The nap hit me hard, motivating to get a few more miles in was rough. But I hit the trail and finally reached a good spot just after 4th gate. I joined Whitewater, Lee, an two other guys. It was a beautiful sunset. After dinner I am curled up ready for sleep.


Goodnight trail.


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