Day 5: Sunrise to Scissors Crossing

17 miles
77 miles total

Woke up early, caught a quick view. Of the eclipse last night. Enough to say Wow! And then, man I am tired. so I went back to sleep.

Finally got going around 6:30. It got hot quick! I had to use my umbrella by 9. I made pretty good time to Rodriguez Spring. I arrived around 11. I decided to hide out and siesta for the afternoon. I had my shady spot to myself for about an hour then was joined by a bunch of other hikers. It was warm, but the company was great.


Finally around 3, I was ready to hike. The heat was starting to ease, I can’t imagine going down to the desert floor in that heat. It was hard enough later in the day. Finally around 6:30 I reached the scissors water cache. I was exhausted. I it water signed he register and went to find a place to set up my tent. Dinner and bed, tomorrow is a big day.


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