Day 4: Mount Laguna to Sunrise Trailhead

April 14th, 2014
17 miles today
59.5 miles total

Today was just perfect. I woke up early got going fairly fast and it was beautiful. I hit the trail around 7, I had heard there were supposed to be some fierce winds, so I wanted an early start. I found a rhythm early and was able to make it 5 miles in a short time.

The views today were unreal! The fire damage from last years wildfires was very evident but green regrowth was also there. And those wildflowers! Life will return to those hills soon, but the lack of vegetation made for awesome views to the mountains beyond. It just didn’t seem real. I can’t tell you how many times my jaw dropped and I said wow.


At my lunch break 10 miles in I met up with Katie again. She was relaxing in the sun, the shade was chilly today. We ended up taking off together for the last 7 miles of the day. We laughed a lot and LOVED the views. It was great to get to know another solo female hiker. Especially one who didn’t mind the fact I stopped every five feet to take another photo. There was just so much beauty in 17 miles of trail. I feel so lucky to be out here. Everyday there is something new to see.




Life is good. Maybe tonight I will see the eclipse? I hope so, but it will be much later than hiker midnight.


One thought on “Day 4: Mount Laguna to Sunrise Trailhead

  1. I’m so glad to have found your blog! Your writing is wonderful and the photos are gorgeous. I’m a backpacker from Oregon with eyes on a thru-hike in the coming years, and will be living vicariously through your updates as you work your way north.

    Wishing you and Emmit the best of adventures — I’ll be cheering you on from Portland!

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