Day 3: Fred’s Canyon to Mount Laguna

April 13, 2014
10 miles hiked
42 total


Another great day. We all got up pretty early hit the trail around 7:15. We had town on the brain. I was the last to leave, but loved my solo time. Much to the dismay of the “cougars go after the last one” camp.

I did catch up to the gang later on. The trail continued in the high desert environment for a bit, then near mile 6 or 7 we entered this beautiful pine forest. I think they were ponderosa pines. They were big and amazing.


From there it was a push to town. The trail was really wonderful. However once we reached Burnt Rancheria campground we got a little discombobulated. Sadly it was still closed so it made it a bit tricky to figure out where we needed to go. But eventually we made it to the road. And sure enough the first building on our way was a cafe! So we all went in and found Wilderness Bob and Lindon waiting at a table. Lindon had asked me the day before what my go to town meal was…. Bacon cheeseburger. So I ordered one and a large Dr Pepper to go with it.


It was delicious! After lunch we all headed to the outfitter where Dave made me a belt. My pants kept falling down on the trail it was in obnoxious. I also got some electrolyte tablets to keep me hydrated. From there we hit the general store. Prices were expensive but I only needed a few things to get me to Warner Springs. Then I did a lot of people watching and porch sitting. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Around 5 I headed up to the picnic area to set up camp. I sat down by Peg Leg, and soon enough we had a ladies table. It was fun to chat with Peg Leg, Barb, and Katie. It seemed low key and everyone was so supportive. I loved my evening.


Once the sun went down I set up my tent and made one quick view of sunset. A group was practicing their music, so along with beautiful colors I got tunes as well.


Another amazing day in the books.


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