Day 2: Lake Morana to Fred’s Canyon

April 13, 2014
12 miles hiked
32 miles total.

Happy Birthday to my new friend Johthon, he turned 24 on his second day on the trail. Today started off just right. The moon was very bright all night, I kept waking up thinking it was morning. After last nights low my plan was to take it easy, and hike 13 miles.

I woke up around 6:30, many folks were already on the trail. I just needed to take it easy. I was really excited to have some backpacker pantry apple cobbler that I found in the hiker box for breakfast. It was super tasty. I also needed to run to the small grocery store where I got some more salty snacks to keep me drinking more water. When we returned Meredith found her gorp had been attacked by ravens.  After we packed up I was ready to go.

The trail was a lovely gentle up, followed by a nice down. Then it passed under a bridge and became a meadow hike. There were big old trees everywhere, I was thankful for the shade and their beauty.


Eventually I ended up at Oak Barrel campground. It was a perfect place for a siesta. I ate lunch and lounged under the tree for two hours. It was wonderful.
Eventually Wilderness Bob and Meredith passed by with a group of folks. It was time for me to follow.


I caught up with them at Kitchen Creek Falls, a beautiful outlook towards running water. Yes, running water in a dry place it was really cool. There I met Brandon, Lindon, Johthon, and Whitewater. We all walked to the road, where I did the small quarter mile walk to the water.

From there we set off for our campsite
It was fun to hike with a crowed. Eventually we made it to Fred Canyon, it was beautiful. We all settled in and had a bunch of laughs. Meridith became Tent Stake and Brandon was honored with Sippy cup. It was lovely night.


Goodnight from Fred Canyon!


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