Day 1: Border to Lake Morena

April 11th, 2014
20 miles

Holy wah, what a day!

My day started around 5:10, I got up changed and ready. Headed downstairs where myself and 13 others ate a delicious breakfast of fritata and muffins. Thanks Scout and Frodo!

After a wonderful breakfast we all jumped into the cars and were off by 6. The 70 minute drive to the border went quick. With only one near miss we arrived at the monument. It was a beautiful sunny day. I couldn’t stop smiling. I made it, it was just so wonderful to see that monument. We snapped some group shots, Emmit and his new friend Thor, even got into a few photos. Just like that at 7:30, I was off…with a hop, skip, and jump (literally.)
The trail meandered for a while with the border wall in view. Then started on up. I really love switchbacks, they are great. It was beautiful, the views, the flowers, its nice to be in a totally new environment.


I took a lot of breaks, it was hot (not as hot as the days before, we got lucky) but to me it was warm. I tried to manage my water but I had 6 liters with me.
We (Meredith, Wilderness Bob, and my friend from college Matt) made it to Hauser creek. The creek was dry but there was a small water cache there. I still had water left, but everyone else grabbed some. I was feeling good and ready for more. We then went UP. I had known it was coming but man, it kicked my butt. Half way up I hit my wall. I wasn’t feeling well. But I had to make it to the lake. After a few long breaks with snacks and water I pushed on. I’ve
never been so happy to see a lake/marsh! The last two miles were hard. When we finally got to the campground I was running on fumes. I was dehydrated and very tired. I pushed it way to hard. But there was a silver lining, several actually. First two awesome guys gave us all sodas, then after we checked into the campground I was able to clean all the dirt (how did I get so dirty?) off with a nice hot shower. After I made dinner it is now time for bed.

Today was rough, but I made it. I know I can do big miles, but now I plan to slow down and really gain my trail legs. The heat and environment are new to me, I need to adapt. After all why rush, better to be the tortoise than the hare.


Good Night from the beautiful Lake Morena.


One thought on “Day 1: Border to Lake Morena

  1. What a great first day. I’ll be following your journey. I live near the PCT in Hesperia. Maybe I’ll get to meet you as you pass through my neck of the woods.

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