Day 19: Forest Flats to Arrasta Creek

April 29, 2014
19.79 miles
258.44 total miles

I slept amazing last night. I could hear the wind far off, by in my little nook it was calm. When I woke this morning it was chilly. Not cold, but I kept  a few layers on. I still seemed to have the funk going on. I tried to rehydrate but the first mile was slow. I decided to grab some more water, sit and make tea.

Roi and Sarah camped at the trailhead, so I chatted them up before they headed off. The tea seemed to be exactly what I needed. After I packed up I was off with a renewed purpose. The hiking was beautiful. The tall giants everywhere. I tried to count tree rings on a down tree. There were so many I had to give up. I just can’t get enough of their old souls.


I caught up with Roi and Sarah once more. They were planning a huge day into town. I was tempted, but the thought of marathon miles didn’t sit well. I decided to take it slow. I took a ton of breaks and just enjoyed the walk.


I only ran into one other hiking soul… But was almost run over by one crazy mountain biker while talking to him. Even if just for a short bit I was nice to chat with Lion king. His section hike is bearing its end. I wish him the best.

As for the mountain biker… I hate that they disobey the signs. Their tires eat up the trail and leave ruts. I know they just want to enjoy being outside as much as I do, but there are better places to ride. Due to the fact the biker had a German Shepard that was off leash too.. Neither Lion King or I said anything. Arg.

I was blessed not once but twice today with trail magic! The first a lovely soda from Papa Smurf and Mountain Momma and then a mile later a huge box full of goodies.


I snagged  banana (ooh fresh fruit) and a soda for the road. It was so wonderful to feel the love.

Now after an amazing dinner of rehydrated spaghetti and an orange soda this gal is ready for bed.

Town day tomorrow. I am hoping for a quick Nero in and out of town. (Nero is a single digit mile hiking day) Resupply, shower, laundry then back out. Those 3 days off messed with my hiker brain.

Happy trails!


Day 18: Whitewater Preserve to Forest Flats

April 28, 2014
20.1 miles
238.63 total miles

Today was what I would call a butt whooping. I slept wonderfully last night, got up about 5:30 and was on trail a bit before 6:30.

The morning calm was beautiful. I had the trail to myself for several hours before I stumbled upon First Class and Coach. It was nice to chat with them before moving on. I had had big plans of a 20, not sure why, but the drive to go was powerful.

It started to get hot just as I dropped into Mission Creek. It was just beautiful. Water in a desert landscape always brings joy. I stopped for a break midday. It was here that Sarah and Roi passed. I could feel my energy dropping but managed to push on. Even though the trail was relatively flat by the creek it meandered up and down.

Water and a decent campsite were the issue. I ran into a SOBo who told me of the epic climb ahead. I got water at the last spot and dragged myself on. He was right, it was still hot into the evening. It was a slog. I was tired and dehydrated when I finally called it quits. I had intended to do another mile but couldn’t. I have to remember it is not a race.

I was exhausted, but very happy to have a beautiful place to set up camp. My feet were excited to be done too. After pitching my tent I made dinner and filtered water. It is my first night camping alone on the trail. I have been expecting Arctic and Tent Stake to arrive, but as it is finally dark I doubt they will.

Today was rough, but I survived. Tomorrow will be better… 20 miles and an incline of 6,000′ brings me back to my AT days. Now sleep under a huge old beautiful pine. Life is good.



Day 17: Ziggy and The Bear’s to Whitewater Preserve

April 27th, 2014
8ish miles
218.60 total miles

Alas kickoff is over it is time to get back to the wonderful world of hiking. I heard others get up early, but I wanted to enjoy the last few minutes of sleep. The movie finished way past hiker midnight. But after Arctic and I wandered back to our tents it was time for bed. I did however sleep really well. Perhaps it was due to lack of gale force winds and heavy rain?

After packing up my stuff and getting my pack ready to go I headed over to breakfast. There while eating amazing breakfast burritos full of fruit I said goodbye to my lovely friends.

Kay was ready to bring Idan, Amtrak, Catdog, and myself to our respective trail destinations. Since I was the farthest north I was the last one dropped off. Kay was amazing enough to stop off at an outfitters so I could buy some sun gloves.

I reached Ziggy and the Bear’s around noon. After final pack adjustments I was saying my farewells around 1:30. Ziggy reminded me to wear my hat. I highly recommend staying there. They are lovely folks who welcome you in like your grandparents. Thanks for the hospitality.

From there the trail took off towards the wind farm. The temps remained comfortable with the gusty breeze. It was great to be back on the trail.


After a break Borealis caught up to me and we hiked together for the rest of the afternoon. He reminded me a lot of some other amazing Canadians I know. The company was perfect for the afternoon.


Eventually we ended up at the trail junction for the Whitewater Preserve. Although it was still not yet 5 pm, I was ready for a good nights sleep. I said goodbye to Borealis who was planning a few more miles and made the beautiful half mile trek to the ranger station.


Man was I glad to have called it a day. Roi, Sarah, Arctic, Tent stake, Coach, First Class, Levity, Mirage, and John are all here too. This place is amazing, it used to be an old trout farm and the grounds are beautiful. We are camping under some old trees on GRASS!


After diner Roi brought out his uke. As the sun set we sang songs told stories and laughed.


As the stars came up we sang one final song… Somewhere Over The Rainbow. What a wonderful way to say goodnight. Such good people, always loving this journey.

Tonight the Peepers and frogs are singing, yes I am in a desert oasis. It reminds me of home.

Days 13 and 14: ADZPCTKO

April 24-25, 2014
PCT Kickoff
210.8 miles total

Lucky me, I was able to get a ride with the lovely Kay(a 2015 hiker hopeful) after relaxing all day Kay picked me up at Ziggy and the Bear’s. We headed South to pick up Idan, Amtrack, and Catdog in Idyllwild. From there we pushed down to Campo. We arrived around 8, after checking in we set off to find out campsites. After that it was time for bed.




My days were filled with old and new friends as well as lots of wonderful talks. The most exciting talk was on the flora of California. It put names to all the beauty I have been seeing. I also enjoyed the fire talk and water updates. It was a wonderful event and I was stoked to head back for it.




Back to the trail tomorrow. 😉