retirement and my new hiking partner

Well I have finally reached the point where I am officially retired, although my mom would rather I say I am on sabbatical. I reminded her that that means I have something to go back to. While I do feel that my former place of employment would welcome me back, I think after 5 years it is time to move on and find something new.

I had a wonderful last week at the hut. It included: 40 boy scouts doing half naked planks all over my kitchen, epic veggie pizza with Globug and Tin, amazing sunsets, lots of cards (Monoploy Deal, Cribbage, and Dutch Blitz), as well as sub zero temperatures overnight, one helicopter supply drop, and my dear friend Sarah joining me for my last night. She even spoiled me with a beautiful pair of White Mountain earrings and a card. The card had a wonderful quote which reads:

“Keep walking though there’s no place to get to. Let the beauty we love be what we do.” -Rumi

It fits so well, it gives words to feelings I cannot express to others.  The journey is the beauty I seek. That is why I hike.

Today I spent my time organizing my gear. I think it is all set, although I seem to be missing a mitten and somehow my sunglasses have vanished. So unless those items are found they will be my last minute purchases. My gear looks like this (everything including what I will be wearing, but minus my sleeping bag, canister of gas, shoes, gaiters, and my bag.)


While it is not super light, it will get the job done.  Sadly my favorite Patagonia Hoody did not make the cut. I will keep it in my “maybe needs” box so it can get sent when it gets colder.

The other major thing done today was the much needed repair on my Tarptent Rainbow. It sat for a good year without any use, as I use my hammock as much as I can these days. I decided to set it up on my last week off, but couldn’t get the pole to reach to the other side. I gave up and shot an email to Henry Shires. He got back to me right away, and thought it was probably a humidity problem. I had two options… shorten the pole or extend the webbing so it would reach. I decided as I am a much better seamstress than a pole breaker to do the latter. He was nice enough to send me some webbing. So today I cut (a very scary thing to do on a piece of equipment you depend on) the webbing in two spots and sewed some pretty hefty thread into the new webbing. Viola, after a bit it all came together nicely and now my tent is back to being able to actually work again, what a huge relief.

In exciting Lego Man news, I finally received my travel companion in the mail.  My nephew picked out his good friend Emmit to travel with me. He even gave me some information about him. So here it goes, everything you ever wanted to know about my new trail partner. Emmit’s hobbies include swinging from trees, swimming, fishing, rock climbing, sand surfing, and building forts. (The last piece goes along wonderfully to my last post.) Emmit has many favorite foods, Emmitgearthey include berries, bacon, pine cones, corn, hot chocolate, tea, sausages, and of course tree bark. Not a bad diet at all, I think we can accommodate his needs pretty well on the trail. And some extra added information of note would be… he is great at starting campfires (we will have a chat about the huge fire danger before we start, don’t worry we will get him a fire permit), He is very strong and curious but afraid of the dark.  I think Mr. Emmit and I will get along just fine. He has some pretty awesome gear to. Talk about light weight check it out.  (Although his camera is bigger than his pack, I think he has everything he needs, I don’t know how he does it.)

The countdown is on. Today I sent off my first two resupply boxes. It seems as though there are only 3 big things left to do… pack, move, and get to the airport on time . I know the next week is going to fly by, and I am ready! 🙂


3 thoughts on “retirement and my new hiking partner

  1. Glad to hear about your retirement. It makes folks jealous and wonder if you made a killing in the stock market. Thought I might be the only one retiring at 40 or younger in this groug. Guess mine only lasted about two weeks as I’m back at the vagabond style ways of making cash. At least this time it is for trail cash. See you on the trail- DC

  2. Funny that you are opposed to using the term sabbatical while I’m opposed to that retirement word. I have no plans to return to my job nor my profession, but I most likely will return to some form of a job or work at some point as I’m not rich, nor did I make a killing in the stock market. Plus, just the thought of this freedom makes so many jealous that sabbatical seems to sit better. My day doesn’t come until October, so until then I’m making a really long bucket list.

    • Sabbatical is great, just knowing that I too am not “rich” to probably ever “really” retire makes me joke about it now.

      What we lack in money we make up in moments and memories. Enjoy your own sabbatical in October! Also thanks for following along. 🙂

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