one box, two box, three box, four….

Anyone want to make a fort? I am surrounded by boxes, so many boxes. Boxes of pop tarts, boxes of candy bars, flat rate boxes that are buldging with food, boxes that I should be using to pack up my life. It seems as though I am starting to run out of time. Luckily a program I was going to work dropped numbers, so I was given an extra week to figure things out. What have I learned? Well, that my mail drop planning before was only halfway done. I have finally typed it all out and started filling as many boxes as I have food for. I also broke up my maps and guide book pages. I have way more map packets than I thought, so I will be actually sending a few smaller Map drops along the way as well.

With one week left of work at the hut, then company coming from the Midwest… it is also time to get my act together on this moving thing. I have been procrastinating way too long.  I did tell my housemates that I am staying an extra week to ward off way to much craziness in a move. I will be sad to leave my amazing house. I love where I live, I love the view of the mountains, and the community that lives here with me. What I do know is that, my favorite things… my bed, and all the other junk I have accumulated since I moved is going to storage. I need to purge all the useless items and simplify. Because… only the universe knows what comes next for me after this hike. I have no plans, and am ready to put it to wind to decide.

a2I have also been sewing a whole bunch. I decided since I had so much left over fabric from my sleeping bag liner that I could make some gaiters too. I made them very similar to the dirty girl style. The only problem is I can’t get them tight around my ankles. So I think I might add some elastic to them to keep them up, that way they will keep the dirt out of my sneakers. Also finally, after a long agonizing decision making process and a lack of shoe stores in the area that my first pair of hiking shoes will be…. drum roll please…. Solomon XR Mission trail runners. I looked into many, many styles, tried on as many as I could, but the things that sold me were: the crazy lime green color, the huge toe box (my feet are small, but wide), and the price. They were on sale for a very respectable 50% off the retail price. They look pretty styling with my new gaiters too hehe. They fit my insoles well and are very comfortable. And heck, they only have to last me 300-500 miles… hoping for the later.

Something very exciting came in the mail today… (well actually two things, but one thing at a time.) First, it is official, if I can hike myself up to Canada, I have the permit to walk across the border and the stamps to prove it will be legal! I finally got all my passport copies done and sent out, it all went very fast. Canada you have got your stuff together… in more ways than one;) I also finally sent an email to the PCTA about my long distance hiking permit. I had filled out the application and faxed it from the library, but they never got the fax. I knew they were sending them out, and I assumed mine was coming. But, I have been waiting so long, I have been waiting for something that wasn’t coming. So I went out tonight to fax it again. Hopefully they get it this time. It is the last thing I am waiting on. Then I will be all ready to go!

The second thing in the mail today? Well it was a very, very small green backpack… for a Lego Man. One of the people I will miss the most on this hike is my favorite hiking buddy. My nephew is 7, and loves hiking just as much as I do. Since I will be gone for a while, we won’t get to go hiking this summer. It makes me sad to miss out on his joy, curiosity and love for the woods. So I was trying to figure out a way to be connected to him on the trip, to sort of bring him along. So I decided since he LOVES Legos (who doesn’t?) to send him an letter inviting him to pick a Lego man to go on an all expense paid trip on the PCT.  I am going to take some pictures and send him letters from his very own Lego man. I even went gear shopping for this Lego man, yes you read that right GEAR SHOPPING for a LEGO MAN! Trust me, this is a legit deal. So if you see me out there, don’t be scared of the crazy lady out there taking pictures of a Lego man. I hope to share some of the fun pictures with you.  After all, I am only a little crazy.

Backpacking Eh?

With all that has been going on it’s a wonder I have not yet given up, actually made a box fort and hid away eating pop tarts. Don’t worry there is still time for such things.


One thought on “one box, two box, three box, four….

  1. I was happy to find you on here and your excitement is contagious. Getting close to starting here myself (although I don’t have a specific day picked out) it will likely be close to yours. Can’t wait to see you out there!

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