One month to launch…

Well shoot dang, that was a productive week. It started out with a little err… A lot of homework. I had to take the whole 2660.1 miles of the trail and “try” to figure out where good places are to send myself a mail drop.
     What is a mail drop? Usually it is where you or your resupply sender sends you a box. Often these boxes are sent to post offices, but it is much better if you can send them to a trail angel’s house or a business that have better hours. The boxes include food and gear for that section of the trail. Often these are sent to places where there is a limited resupply like a convince store or nothing at all.
      At this point I think I have 10 places that I plan on sending myself resupply boxes. The early boxes (mostly in California) will be packed at home and given to my friend Blis, to send out over time. 
     After I worked that out, I started packing my boxes. Luckily the post office is stocked with many one price boxes. First I jazzed up my boxes, so they will be easier to identify among all the others. Then I looked over my HUGE box of food. Wow, who knew all that dehydrating would amount to so much delicious food. I tried to diversify what went into each box. There are several different dinners mostly what I dehydrated but a few randos that I have had squirreled away. I like all the dried veggies and fruits I’ve got. They will really add pizazz to my dinners. For second breakfasts, a gold mine of POP TARTS! I am going to be pretty excited to play pop tart roulette on the trail. Since ALL silver packages look the same. Every time I came across a pop tart sale at the market I bought some, which ended up with no less than 9 different flavors. All of which I am pretty excited about. Hopefully I can cram all the goodies in the boxes.


     In other exciting news GEAR! All sorts of boxes have been arriving as of late. It is all starting to come together.


      I also received my maps! They entire trail ends up being about a whole ream of printer paper. My plan for tomorrow’s self appointed zero/snow day is to break them up into smaller packets. Not like I wouldn’t want to carry 6lbs of paper on the trail.;)  I also plan on breaking up my guidebook. Why physical maps and digital copies on my phone? I am a bit old school, but also know that technology doesn’t always work. If I found myself in a pickle, my phone dead… I am more confident in my map and compass skills. Yes, I WILL be carrying a compass. The PCT is not blazed and marked as well as the AT. I am excited about this aspect of the journey.


     So alas, in exactly one month from today this gal will be taking her first steps on the PCT. Wow, where has time gone?


    Today I hiked up to Greenleaf Hut to honor all my hard work and to celebrate my trail-versary. To think six short years ago, I was hiking Springer Mountain.. My first steps of the Appalachian Trail.

        My world was changed forever, for the better. My eyes were opened to what really matters in my life. That things are not as important as experiences. That the people you meet and things you see have the ability to change your life forever.

     To say I am excited for this next chapter, would be an understatement. How ever this adventure turns out, I know I will learn new things about myself and this lovely world we live in. How cool is that?


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