Disconnect to connect.

It’s been another wonderful week in the mountains. It started off with one of my favorite populations…. BOY SCOUTS. Yeah, always a good time with copious amounts of spaghetti and pancakes. While some times they can get on my nerves, I really like to chat with the boys. I love to ask about their hikes, celebrate their victories (no matter how small) and impart my favorite words of wisdom. These words you may ask…

“This is your forest, you can come back here anytime you want.”

I know, I know not what you were probably thinking but seriously, these youngins’ are the future voters, future congress members, future policy makers. I love this place and I hope that it is here for future generations to love. They need to be just as connected to nature as they are to their iPhones. So that is why I say, bring your children outdoors, let them get dirty and make these valuable connections to nature. Fresh air is good for the soul…(and so are organizations like the scouts that get our kids outside.)

So here is my plug… Get yourself outside. Bring your kids, your dog, your friends, your partner, your Grannie (especially if she is nearing the big 9-0), your neighbors, your imaginary friend(s), anyone, because everyone, and I mean everyone benefits from fresh air. You don’t have to go on a thru hike, start small. Walk around a park, your neighborhood, then expand to your state parks, explore your national parks and forests. Make connections, join a club meet others, donate to organizations like the PCTA, but whatever you do, get outside.

Okay that random rant is over, and now back to matters of the PCT. New news.. My dear friend Hobbes is also planning on thru hiking this year. It looks like we might be starting together in mid April! This is uber exciting! I love hiking alone, but I also love sharing an experience with others. Since the desert is a new environment for me, I say the more the merrier. Yay, Hobbes and Beamer causing a ruckus on the PCT.

Also I bought my plane ticket to San Diego. It is all falling into place… Awesome!

Okay, now get outside;)


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