thoughts on a lifestyle

So here I am sitting in my sleeping bag at nearly 11am( don’t judge it’s gross outside, and all my “work” is done) thinking about this crazy lifestyle I live. Some might consider me a slacker or someone who is not using their full potential. You see I am a caretaker, my main responsibilities consist of making sure people clean up after themselves and don’t burn my hut down. Life is good, I love where I live and what I do. My office window has the best view, and the commute is hard to top.

 I posted before about life after the AT, my priorities changed, I changed. I’m not sure if this happens to everyone who hikes a long distance trail or takes grand life adventures but it did to me. I personally think it made me grow into the “real” me, not just who society wanted me to be. My lifestyle is not “normal” sure I work, but where I work and what I do isn’t what I went to school to do. But its as though life, maybe even the trail had other plans. I work seasonally, which means up until the Affordable Healthcare law came into effect I didn’t have insurance. My 401k is pretty measley and I don’t make anywhere close to that of what I would if I actually used my degree. But you see, I am happy. The type of happy where everyday I feel lucky that this is my life.

I learned very young that life is short. You can’t know what tomorrow brings let alone 60+ years from now. So that is why I live as I do. Why wait until retirement? I don’t even see myself ever actually reaching it any way. The time to live is now, and that is just what I am doing.

So that my friends, is why I am heading back to the trail. I feel more alive, more healthy, more connected, and even more happy when I have my pack on and a destination in mind.


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