Planning? Fears? Life?

Well, here it is… I’ve been dreaming of the PCT for over a year now. While I am more of a “let the trail take care of itself” type, I am seriously starting to get the “Gahh, I won’t be ready” thing going on.

Here are my current crazy thoughts:

Worry 1: Will I have enough money? 

Of course I will, I have been saving for a year. But, also I am a crazy budgeter, I can do this! You have before, and will again.

Worry 2: Will my gear be all right?

In an effort to save money, I plan on using gear I already have and have had for a while. I know it works, and I know how to use it. It’s going to be fine.

Worry 3: What if I get out there and decide this was a bad idea?

Well shoot, the worst that can happen is I “quit,” but at least I’ve tried. Most folks can’t even say that. Also just as in the AT, I plan on going as long as I choose. It’s not about the destination, but the journey, and I know how freaking awesome the journey is.

I can’t believe it is already nearing 2014, where has the past year gone? I am filled with excitement and anticipation for this next adventure. I remember all of this from my original hike the on AT. I can tell you it was much easier when I last minute decided to join my two friends on a month long section hike. This is just so much bigger.

A problem I face a lot is time. I am currently a caretaker of a hut in the woods. Which means, as it gets dark at 4 pm, I have a lot of indoor free think time. I have time to worry. Which is bad. While I am not connected and can’t read and re-read journals and information all the time on the net, I have time to think up crazy worries and dwell on them. So much for solitude and peace in the woods, hehe.

Luckily I know a lot of folks who are planning on hiking the PCT this year. My good friend Beo who has been caretaking this winter as well, has been great to bounce thoughts and ideas off of. Another old friend Hobbes has reassured me that I have done just as much, or lack there of, of planning as he. Sometimes you just need to hike to get it all worked out. So alas, that will be part of the plan, just hike.


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